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What’s a Pictograph? Definition and Examples

What’s a pictograph? A graph is a visible approach to show data. A pictograph is a particular sort of graph that makes use of photos or symbols to show data. The images or symbols in a pictograph often symbolize a couple of merchandise. The next is an instance of a pictograph:


The pictograph above has a title and a scale. 

  • The title of this pictograph is “Variety of circles drawn”
  • The size that the pictograph is utilizing is that this: One circle represents 5 circles.

Allow us to say that the circles have been drawn by David, Peter, John, Brown, and Jennifer.

Having mentioned that we are able to make the next observations:

  • David drew 15 circles since we’ve 3 circles and every circle represents 5 circles (5 instances 3 = 15).
  • John drew 7.5 circles. How did we get 7.5?
  • Jennifer drew 20 circles since we’ve 4 circles and every circle represents 5 circles (5 instances 4 = 20).

How did we get 7.5 for John? Notice that if a circle represents 5 circles, half a circle will symbolize 5/2 circles or 2.5 circles. Add 5 circles to 2.5 circles to get 7.5 circles.

An train that may present you the best way to assemble a pictograph

Assemble a pictograph with the next desk

Number of taxi drivers in 5 cities

You possibly can comply with this guideline with the intention to assemble the pictograph.

  • For this pictograph, we are able to draw faces to symbolize the drivers.
  • We will nonetheless use the identical title “Variety of taxi drivers in 5 cities”
  • Since we’re actually coping with very large numbers right here, we are able to simply use 1 face to symbolize 5 taxi drivers. 

Suppose for example, you have been coping with very large numbers resembling lots of of drivers in a metropolis, you possibly can have used 1 face to symbolize 100 drivers. 

Right here is the pictograph.

Pictograph for the number of drivers in 5 cities.

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