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third Grade Math Ideas

Discover right here many necessary third grade math ideas taught in third grade. Academics, mother and father, and math tutors may also use them as a suggestion for example a math lesson or to show necessary expertise that children are purported to know in third grade math.

A phase is a portion of a line and it has 2 endpoints.


Id property of addition
Any quantity plus zero is the same as the quantity

5 + 0 = 5
2 + 0 = 2

Parallel strains
Parallel strains by no means meet irrespective of how lengthy you lengthen the strains

Parallel lines

1 inch
1 inch is concerning the measurement of 1 / 4.
1 foot = 12 inches

12  ÷  3
Share 12 soccer balls with 3 mates equally.
Simply make 3 equal teams with 12.
The variety of balls in every group is the reply.

12 divided by 3

Gram/ kilogram
1 gram is concerning the mass of 1 paperclip.
1000 grams  = 1 kg
About 1000 paperclips shall be equal to 1 kg.
1 massive ebook may even have a mass of 1 kg.

mass of a paperclip is about 1 gram

Expanded type
The expanded type exhibits the place worth of every digit. 

478 = 400  + 70 + 8

The quantity that’s used to divide. For instance if 6 is used to divide 48, 6 is the divisor.


An element is a quantity that’s multiplied by a number of numbers. For instance, in 3 × 5, 5 is an element since 5 is multiplied by 3. By the identical token, 3 can be an element since it’s multiplied by 5.


The quantity of house inside a 2-dimensional object.


Phrase type of numbers

For instance, the phrase type of 24652 is  “twenty 4 thousand, 600 fifty-two”

Addition algorithm

Addition algorithm

Commutative property of multiplication
The order by which two numbers are multiplied in a multiplication drawback doesn’t matter.
6 × 2 = 2 × 6

Commutative property of multiplication

Id property of multiplication
Any quantity multiplied by one is the same as the quantity.

5 × 1 = 5
2 × 1 = 2

Commutative property of addition.
The order by which two numbers are added in an addition drawback doesn’t matter.

1  + 2   =   2 + 1 
       =     3

Illustration of the commutative property

Extra necessary third grade math ideas

The perimeter is the space round a closed determine.
Perimeter = 2 cm + 2 cm + 4 cm + 3 cm
                  = 4 cm + 4 cm + 3 cm
                  = 8 cm + 3 cm
                  = 11 cm

Perimeter of a trapezoid

Truth household
A gaggle of three numbers which might be associated in a particular approach. Doing math with 2 numbers at all times give the final quantity.

Fact family

What’s the subsequent form? The following form is the inexperienced coronary heart.


A determine that has 5 sides is known as a pentagon.


The quantity that shall be divided is the dividend. For instance, if 48 is split by 6, 48 is the dividend.


Some extent is a precise location on a chunk of paper represented with a single dot 


Commonplace type
The usual type is the bottom 10 numeration system or the standard approach of writing numbers.


Unit fraction
A fraction whose numerator is the same as 1. The denominator might be equal to any quantity.

Unit fractions

Spherical a quantity

28 is nearer to 30, so the closest 10 is 30.
28 rounded to the closest 10 is 30.

23 is nearer to twenty, so the closest 10 is 20.
23 rounded to the closest 10 is 20

Nearest 10 for 28

The reply to a multiplication drawback. For instance, the product of three instances 5 is 15.


Divide a rectangle into 4 equal smaller rectangles.
Take 1 rectangle out of 4. The fraction is 1/4.

1 out of 4

The reply to a division drawback. For instance, if you divide 48 by 6, the reply is 8. So 8 is the quotient.


Discover the worth of an expression.

Consider 2n + 5 when n = 3

2 × 3 + 5 =  6 + 5 = 11     

Equal fractions.
Equal fractions are fractions which have the identical worth, however have totally different numerators and denominators.

Equivalent fractions

Order of operations
The right solution to do the mathematics or rule to observe when a math drawback has a mixture of various operators (+, -, 
×, and so forth.). 

Order of operations

Three fourths
The circle has 4 elements. 3 elements of the circle are shaded.
The numerator is 3 and the denominator is 4.

Three fourths

Algorithm for including 28 and 14

Algorithm for adding  28 and 14

Issues to bear in mind concerning the 3th grade math ideas on this web page

1. Ensure that college students perceive a lot of the third grade math ideas above taught in 3th grade math. If you want to measure their understanding of those math expertise taught in 3th grade math, please test this third grade math check.

2. These 3th grade math ideas are consistent with 3th grade math frequent core state requirements.

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