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They Hate US ‘Trigger They Ain’t US!

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Throughout a latest journey to Boston, I noticed this delusional expression screaming at me in giant, pink, white, and blue letters from the facet of a passing cement truck. For the uninitiated, it’s a US cultural reference that has been reworked right into a bellicose nationalistic warfare cry replete with t-shirts bought on Amazon. After throwing up in my mouth somewhat, I chuckled.  Right here we go once more, I assumed, “the best nation on earth,” voluminous and damning proof on the contrary, like it or go away it, USA, USA, USA!

The chilly, unforgiving actuality, inconceivable for the true believers to just accept, is that there are myriad compelling and legit the explanation why non-US People dislike or hate the US grounded in a violent actuality by the hands of US troopers, Hellfire missile drone strikes, or old school bombs falling from heaven with one objective in thoughts, the destruction of everybody and every thing they hit. Or that they don’t idolize all of it out of proportion – with a nod to Woody Allen’s Manhattan. Or, God forbid, that they’re detached. Whoever believes that everybody who hates the US is resentful lives in a fantasy world, is aware of nothing about historical past and present occasions, and doesn’t get out a lot.

This fantasy permits those that consider within the political Santa Claus of US nationalism to dwell fortunately in a state of denial concerning the issues dealing with their nation and the explanations for a better high quality of life in different international locations that might function optimistic position fashions for the US if there solely eyes to see and ears to listen to.

Ignorance will not be bliss however relatively a transparent and current hazard; its prevalence is contributing to the decline, each at residence and overseas, of the US.

Shalom (שלום), MAA



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