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The Constructing Blocks of Life

This exercise explores how lions and elephants use macromolecules to develop and keep homeostasis. Within the first half, college students look at the protein, fats, and carbohydrate compositions of the animals’ diets. For the reason that elephant is a herbivore, it doesn’t receive fat from its weight loss program. The lion, being a carnivore, doesn’t receive carbs from its weight loss program.

College students additional discover how every macromolecule is constituted of repeating subunits. These molecules are damaged down by hydrolysis after which shuffled and rebuilt with dehydration synthesis.

Within the second a part of the exercise, college students have a look at power launched when bonds are damaged. They deal with the weight loss program of a lion the place they use a mannequin to show how proteins are damaged into amino acids, that are then mixed to make proteins wanted for fur, collagen, and muscle.

Lastly, they evaluate the quantity of power obtained from a lion’s weight loss program and that obtained from an elephant’s weight loss program. They need to determine which weight loss program is most effective for gaining vitamins wanted for all times, by evaluating the relative kilocalories launched from breaking macromolecule bonds.

This exercise is meant for AP Biology or superior biology courses. These Google Slides present content material background for understanding organic molecules and reactions. If college students want extra assist or reinforcement, try this sport referred to as Boxing Biomolecules. For a hands-on expertise with biomolecules, try the McMush Lab.



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