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Somniphobia (Worry of Sleep): Causes, Signs & Remedy

Woman trying to work through her fear of sleep.

In case you don’t get sufficient sleep, there’s a excessive likelihood you’ll turn out to be an issue for your self and people round you. You could end up screaming at individuals for no cause, getting irritated with the pettiest of issues, and having zero persistence with your self and others. Naturally, that’s going to land you in a really sad state of affairs.

Individuals who beloved being round you’ll slowly begin distancing themselves. And you received’t really feel your self anymore.

Sure! That’s the ability of satisfactory sleep. So, right here on this put up, we’ll be sharing a lesser-known (however quite common!) sleeping dysfunction with you. It’s known as Somniphobia, and it’s extra of a cross between sleep nervousness and insomnia.

Let’s get into particulars.


What’s Somniphobia?

By definition, Somniphobia is a worry of sleep. It’s also generally known as clinophobia, hypnophobia, and sleep dread. Some individuals additionally use the time period sleep nervousness or insomnia to check with this situation. Nevertheless, that’s incorrect. Why is that so – we’ll elaborate on that later.

At present, you must familiarize your self totally with the situation. It isn’t a worry of being unable to sleep. As a substitute, it’s a worry of sleeping. An individual would possibly worry sleeping due to the nightmares they get or having to place via sleep paralysis. They could worry it a lot that their daytime actions could get affected. It could additionally affect their general way of life and well-being.


Causes of Somniphobia

As of but, the precise reason for Somniphobia is unknown. It’s believed that the situation is a by-product of a number of different issues or well being circumstances, notably PTSD (Publish Traumatic Stress Dysfunction). If an individual has had a historical past of sleep paralysis or nightmare dysfunction, they’re additionally at a excessive danger of creating Somniphobia. Different phobias, corresponding to dying throughout sleep or having your home robbed or set on fireplace as you sleep may result in Somniphobia.

Due to this fact, individuals who have had the next are on the highest danger of creating this worry:

  • Panic Dysfunction
  • Stressed Legs Syndrome
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Narcolepsy
  • Generalized Anxiousness Dysfunction
  • Historical past of experiencing trauma at night time


Signs of Somniphobia

The distinguished signs of Somniphobia are as follows:

  • Immense misery on the considered sleeping
  • Avoiding going to mattress for so long as doable
  • Emotional Instability (notably at night time)
  • Focus points
  • Leaving lights or TV on at bedtime to keep away from sleeping

Other than this, extreme instances of Somniphobia could even exhibit noticeable signs in the case of sleep:

  • Chest ache or tightness
  • Issue respiration
  • Hyperventilation
  • Elevated coronary heart fee
  • Tremors or noticeable shaking
  • Vomiting

In younger kids, the signs could intensify. The kid could throw tantrums, refuse to sleep, or cling more durable to the caregiver. They could resist going to mattress or getting up a number of instances throughout the night time.


Analysis of Somniphobia

When you have recognized any of the above signs and so they have lasted over six months or so, it’s time you need to talk it along with your well being supplier. Other than the consistency of the signs, you need to deal with the matter instantly if there’s a presence of any of the above signs and it’s interfering along with your relationships at work or dwelling, it’s resulting in fixed nervousness and stress, or it’s distracting you out of your every day duties.


Therapies of Somniphobia 

Somniphobia may be handled utilizing the next:

  • Publicity remedy: On this, you speak about your worry with a therapist to get used to the worry. As a substitute of operating from it, you talk it and turn out to be extra conscious of your situation.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Remedy (CBT): It’s just like publicity remedy besides that on this remedy, the therapist works with the affected person to deal with the underlying triggers and stressors.

Apart from that, drugs might help with Somniphobia. These embody:

  • Beta-blockers
  • Benzodiazepines

For delicate instances, consultants suggest secure and natural de-stressors like delta 8 gummies and CBD oil. These calm down the thoughts and relieve bodily ache. Besides, we encourage discussing it along with your healthcare supplier earlier than consumption.


Somniphobia VS Sleep Anxiousness

The first distinction between Somniphobia and sleep nervousness is the accompanying emotions. Somniphobia is accompanied by intense emotions of worry whereas social nervousness is accompanied by emotions of restlessness.

Equally, the distinction between Somniphobia and insomnia is worry. An insomniac particular person shouldn’t be afraid of falling asleep. Relatively, he needs to go to sleep. An individual with Somniphobia, nonetheless, experiences the alternative.


Closing Phrases

Summing up, Somniphobia is a critical sleeping dysfunction that always will get missed. These experiencing it and people who discover themselves getting ready to contracting this dysfunction ought to deal with the matter instantly.

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