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Rotating Waves of Grains – FYFD

Snapshots of wavy rings of grains formed in a rotating cylinder filled with low-viscosity fluid and heavy particles.

Rotating drums are a preferred technique to discover granular dynamics. Right here, researchers fill a cylinder (seen beneath) with heavy grains and a low-viscosity fluid, then rotate the combination a few horizontal axis. This units up a contest between centrifugal forces and gravitational forces on the grains. On the proper rotation charges, the grains type annular rings across the exterior of the cylinder, the place they rotate at a unique velocity than the fluid. This distinction in velocity between the 2 layers can set off a Kelvin-Helmholtz instability and trigger waves alongside the interface between the grains and the fluid, as seen within the examples above. (Picture and analysis credit score: V. Dyakova and D. Polezhaev; high picture tailored by N. Sharp)

Image of the experimental apparatus when not rotating.



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