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Methanol and the Chemistry of a Poison

Most biology textbooks have opening chapters that overview chemistry. I usually inform my college students that we have to study a bit little bit of chemistry as a result of actually, organisms are simply luggage of chemical substances. Superior courses might want to perceive some fundamentals of chemistry: molecular bonds, pH scale, and water chemistry.

This text with questions compares two natural molecules, ethanol and methanol. Ethanol is the principle ingredient in alcohol drinks, created from the fermentation of grains and fruits. Methanol has a really related chemical construction, with just one carbon in its spine somewhat than the 2 present in ethanol. Each have an alcohol (OH) group hooked up.

Throughout Prohibition, bootleggers usually created a model of “spirits” from methanol by burning wooden. Methanol is a poison! The end result was that individuals ingesting methanol would die or develop into blind as methanol was transformed right into a extra poisonous compound: formic acid. This course of is named toxification.

College students learn the article that describes the compounds and their results whereas answering associated questions. A last part describes one other kind of poisoning from Lindol. Alcohol spiked with this compound may result in paralysis, a situation referred to as “Jake Leg” after the title of the alcohol that was poisonous (Ginger Jake.)



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