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Memorizing Planck’s fixed with DALL-E

Planck’s fixed was once a measured amount and now it’s precise by definition.

h = 6.62607015×10−34 J / Hz

Slightly than the kilogram being implicit within the models used to measure Planck’s fixed, the mass of a kilogram is now outlined to be no matter it must be to make Planck’s fixed have the worth above.

Now that it’s precise by definition, perhaps you’d prefer to memorize it. Utilizing the Main system described right here we may encode the digits as “Decide enjoys quesadilla.” [1]

As with the earlier put up, I’m utilizing a memorization train as an excuse to mess around with DALL-E. I typed “A decide having fun with consuming a quesadilla” into DALL-E 2 and bought again 4 pictures, as at all times. The very best of those was the next.

The meals within the picture seems like a quesadilla, nevertheless it’s not clear that the person consuming it’s a decide, or that he’s having fun with himself.

Subsequent I modified “decide” to “a supreme courtroom justice,” hoping DALL-E would create a picture that extra clearly encompasses a decide.

Right here’s one of many outputs:

Second attempt at judge enjoying a quesadilla

This fellow seems extra like a decide, and he’s clearly having fun with himself. Possibly he’s consuming a calzone, however we’ll name it a quesadilla.

Not all the photographs created by DALL-E are as correct as those above. I think there’s plenty of choice bias within the examples of pictures posted on-line. I’m contributing to that choice bias by exhibiting pictures that have been ok to incorporate in a weblog put up. I attempted different pictures for running a blog on different subjects, and the outcomes weren’t price sharing.

So in an try at mitigating choice bias, right here’s one other picture generated from the immediate “A supreme courtroom justice having fun with consuming a quesadilla.”

Young lady who is not eating anything

This younger woman is carrying black, as supreme courtroom justices are wont to do. And she or he seems to be having fun with herself, however she’s undoubtedly not consuming a quesadilla.

By the way, one other potential encoding of 662607015 is “Decide enjoys Costello” as in Abbot and Costello. Once I typed “A supreme courtroom justice having fun with watching Abbot and Costello on tv” I bought the next creepy picture.

DALL-E attempt at a judge watching Abbot and Costello on television

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[1] This mnemonic is a little bit little bit of a cheat, relying on the way you pronounce quesadilla. The sound of ll is sorta like that of a y in English. Right here I’m utilizing it to characterize 5 simply because the l sound does. Right here in southeast Texas, I imagine most individuals use the Spanish pronunciation, no less than roughly. If you happen to utterly anglicize the pronunciation in order that ll is pronounced as in pillow, then you should use the mnemonic with no qualms.



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