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Masanori Hanada offers talks at Yukama Institute in Japan and Corfu Institute in Greece

Masanori Hanada has been giving talks on two continents this month. On Sept 15 and 16, he gave two dwell lectures on “Matrix fashions” at a summer time faculty on quantum computing and tensor networks held at Yukawa Institute of Theoretical Physics. Matrix fashions are essential within the twin description of superstring principle and M-theory. Masanori launched a formulation of the matrix fashions which can be utilized for simulations on quantum units, and used such a formulation to unravel a couple of decade-old issues. On Tuesday 20 September, Masanori gave a digital discuss on “Flux tube and chiral symmetry breaking within the partially-deconfined part of Yang-Mills principle” on the Workshop on Noncommutative and generalized geometry in string principle, gauge principle and associated bodily fashions in Corfu, Greece (workshop web site right here). The latter discuss relies on collaboration with college students (paper 1 right here, paper 2 right here). The picture beneath reveals the EISA, sponsor of Corfu2022, homepage.



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