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Is Japanese Exhausting To Study? Right here’s Why We Say No – Busuu

Hello, I’m Emily. I’m one of many weblog writers round right here at Busuu. I’m a local English speaker who began studying Japanese a couple of years in the past earlier than going to Japan for a visit.

Lots of people ask us, “Is Japanese onerous to be taught?” It definitely has a popularity for being troublesome – however I occur to suppose that popularity is unearned. So I’m right here to let you know about my expertise studying Japanese! 

Is Japanese one of many hardest languages to be taught?

Some have referred to as Japanese the toughest language to be taught – admittedly, we right here at Busuu even included it on our checklist of the hardest languages to be taught, with a caveat about true problem versus time taken to be taught. And there are definitely some difficult points to studying the Japanese language.

Nonetheless, I’d argue that each one languages have bits which might be extra and easier. If you get previous the psychological hurdle of believing Japanese is hard to be taught, what you’re prone to discover is which you could, actually, be taught Japanese – and with little to no extra problem than some other language.

That stated, right here’s why it has such a chilling popularity.

Maintain on a tick…

Earlier than we go a lot additional, I ought to most likely let you know about Busuu. 

It’s an award-winning on-line language studying app. Busuu presents on-line programs crafted by language specialists, plus suggestions from native audio system in our group. You’ll be able to and will use it to be taught Japanese!

The place have been we? Ah, sure.

Why some folks suppose studying Japanese is horrifying

There are 4 issues that contribute to the Japanese language’s popularity as a very robust nut to crack.

  1. They’re scared off by the three writing techniques. 

Okay, it’s true – Japanese has three totally different writing techniques, and a type of techniques, kanji, has hundreds of characters, so it takes a very long time to be taught. (The opposite two you possibly can be taught in every week or two! Stick with me, it will get higher, I promise.)

  1. They’ve been informed it’s troublesome

The US International Service Institute, or FSI, is an American authorities organisation that trains overseas diplomats – they usually’re partially in charge for the popularity of Japanese as robust to be taught. They’ve regularly positioned Japanese on the high of their checklist of languages that take their learners the longest to grasp. Due to FSI’s rankings, weblog writers and potential language learners have adopted the concept that Japanese should be, subsequently, probably the most troublesome language to be taught. 

However the complete time it takes somebody to be taught to talk a brand new language – particularly the language required of diplomats – doesn’t essentially let you know how troublesome the language is general. 

  1. They discover honorific speech complicated or intimidating

Politeness is paramount in Japanese tradition. Whereas Japanese has method fewer tenses and irregular verbs general (woohoo!), there are additional well mannered and humble variations of phrases and phrases it’s good to be taught, particularly in the event you’ll be doing enterprise in Japan. That is referred to as honorific speech, and it may be difficult even for native Japanese audio system. 

Taking a wild guess, the truth that it’s good to be taught a selected additional set of vocabulary to speak to folks of various rank – particularly greater up officers and royalty – might be associated to the difficulty new American diplomats appear to have in studying Japanese. Simply the type of downside you… most likely gained’t must take care of till you’re a lot additional alongside in your studying.

  1. They’re scared off by the change in phrase order 

Japanese sentence order isn’t the identical as English and lots of different Western languages.

We use subject-verb-object:
I am going to the zoo.

Japanese sentences use subject-object-verb:
I zoo (to) go.

Talking as an English speaker who has realized fundamental Japanese, when you get a really feel for it, it’s not unhealthy in any respect, however some folks discover it onerous to wrap their heads round.

6 causes Japanese isn’t as onerous to be taught as you suppose 

And right here’s what I’ve discovered makes Japanese not that arduous to be taught in spite of everything.

  1. Hiragana and katakana are straightforward to be taught

Okay, sure, to be taught Japanese, you must be taught new writing techniques. However hiragana and katakana are fairly straightforward to be taught they usually have numerous similarities, so when you be taught one, the opposite is a breeze (nicely, virtually a breeze). 

Plus, utilizing mnemonics (like we do on Busuu!) makes hiragana and katakana simpler to memorise. It undoubtedly takes some apply, however after you have these two writing techniques underneath your belt, you may get into the true studying.

I, for one, discovered it empowering to be taught a brand new writing system, like going through a concern. It made me really feel like I may do something, no less than on the subject of language studying. It’s like studying a secret code that unlocks numerous labels, menus, road indicators, and extra. Very satisfying!

  1. Pronunciation is pretty easy 

Japanese has fewer sounds than English by an extended shot – it’s extra like Italian, in a humorous method. The syllables are pronounced how they’re pronounced, and also you don’t want to fret about funky surprises, when you find out how they go collectively. 

Additionally, in contrast to many different Asian languages – Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese language, for instance – Japanese isn’t tonal. That signifies that, whereas in Mandarin, for instance, your pitch modifications the that means of the phrase, in Japanese, it doesn’t. Tonal languages are typically the toughest for audio system of non-tonal languages – like Germanic and Romance languages – to be taught. And Japanese isn’t certainly one of them. Increase, child.

  1. Grammar follows easy guidelines

Staying on the language geek prepare, one other factor that makes Japanese logistically simpler to be taught is its grammar. 

Japanese grammar is totally different from English grammar (consider the zoo instance from above – I am going to the zoo vs. I zoo to go), however it’s very common. It solely has previous and current tenses, it doesn’t use gender, and there are few to no exceptions to Japanese grammar guidelines. So when you be taught it, you’ve realized it. No guessing whether or not a desk is masculine or female, no attempting to decipher what the heck ‘desiderative previous subjunctive temper’ even means. Ahh, that’s good.

  1. Know-how is right here to assist

Within the previous days (and by the previous days, I actually simply imply pre-smart telephones), studying Japanese meant flipping by means of large dictionaries, and studying to write down meant meticulously studying stroke order to write down kanji appropriately. 

Whilst you can and will nonetheless incorporate studying to write down in Japanese by hand – it’ll allow you to keep in mind what you be taught – as of late, you possibly can simply look kanji up or sort them utilizing romaji. It’s fast and straightforward so as to add a Japanese keyboard to your telephone and laptop computer – and it’ll make your life method simpler.

The largest hurdle with Japanese studying and writing is certainly the memorization of kanji, however you’ve bought a giant leg up over your historic ancestors (please don’t inform your mother and father I referred to as them that). It’s referred to as the magic of the web, and it enables you to be taught shortly and from wherever.

  1. Loanwords are in all places

We stay in a gorgeous mixed-up world – maintain on, I’m going someplace with this – the place cultures are way more intertwined than ever earlier than. We have now far more entry to one another’s meals and tradition than we did even 10 or 15 years in the past. So it maybe comes as no massive shock that, identical to in English we all know what sushi, sake, and tsunami imply, there are many phrases which might be translated into Japanese however mainly shared.

バー “baa”  bar

アイスクリーム “aisukuriimu” ice cream

レストラン “resutoran” restaurant

Scorching tip: Katakana is usually used for phrases that come from overseas languages, so in the event you see katakana and sound it out and it sounds acquainted? You’re most likely proper on the cash.

  1. You’ve got so many assets at your fingertips

Final however definitely not least, now we have the factor that makes studying Japanese a lot simpler than ever earlier than – all of the assets out there to you! After all, there’s Busuu (vital, in the event you ask me), however you can even complement your studying with every thing from YouTube movies and Japanese TV to on-line reminiscence video games and kanji flashcard instruments folks have constructed. Reality be informed, I wanted to be taught fairly quick, so I used apps, on-line blogs, video games and numerous Googling.

I actually realized the phrase sugoi (すごい, mainly “wow” or “superior”) from watching Terrace Home whereas jet lagged in our lodge room. I Googled it to ensure it wasn’t impolite and that I’d heard it appropriately, and began utilizing it to nice impact whereas buying that afternoon. It’s a brand new world!

As we speak, I’d most likely concentrate on Busuu’s course, because it consists of every thing I used to be gathering myself from totally different sources, however in the event you want a number of helps, I say the extra the merrier. The purpose is, every thing you want is at your fingertips, and studying Japanese? If I can do it, you possibly can too.

Last phrases of knowledge from our resident Japanese professional

Our resident Japanese professional, had this so as to add:

“I believe many individuals are afraid of studying Japanese, however Japanese is not any totally different from some other language. The fundamentals are pretty straightforward, the minute particulars to get to true fluency are onerous. And in between, there’s numerous studying! If you wish to be taught Japanese, there’s nothing to be afraid of – not even kanji. And, in the event you’re visiting, I believe many Japanese folks will recognize the trouble.” 

On Busuu, we use mnemonics to make kanji simpler to recollect. Why not begin off with only one?

Father: kanji character, explained by Busuu's Japanese alphabet guide

So, is studying Japanese troublesome? You inform us.

We’ve made our case, however every learner is totally different. Why not begin studying and see for your self? With Busuu’s award-winning on-line course, you’re in good palms. 

Study Japanese with Busuu in simply 10 minutes a day. 



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