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How Captain Okoli acquired his title

About two years in the past, I dreamt up a personality known as Captain Okoli. He options within the imaginary steampunk novel from which I drew snippets to start the chapters of my in any other case nonfiction guide. Captain Okoli is progressive, daring, and sort; he helps the imaginary novel’s heroine, Audrey, on her globe-spanning quest. 

Captain Okoli inherited his title from Chiamaka Okoli, who was a classmate and roommate of mine whereas we pursued our grasp’s levels on the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. Sadly, an sickness took Chiamaka’s life shortly after she accomplished her PhD. Captain Okoli is my tribute to her reminiscence, however my guide lacked the area for a proof of who Chiamaka was or how Captain Okoli acquired his title. The Perimeter Institute provided a platform in its publication Contained in the Perimeter. You could find the article—a narrative about an progressive, daring, and sort girl—right here.

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