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High 50+ Selenium Interview Questions in 2022

Selenium Interview Questions

Vital interview arising that requires information of Selenium, and also you don’t know the place to begin? What if we let you know that we all know simply what questions might be requested by the hiring managers? Wonderful, proper? This weblog will information you thru the very important Selenium Interview Questions. The only objective is that will help you brush up and ace the interview like a professional and put together you for job roles like Selenium Automation Tester, QA Engineer, Sr. Automation Engineer, and extra.

For those who all are equipped, we will dive into the highest 10 incessantly requested selenium interview questions

This weblog will aid you brush up and ace the interview like a professional. The complete set of Selenium interview questions consists of 4 sections, they’re.

  1. Selenium Interview Questions for Freshers
  2. Selenium Interview Questions for Skilled
  3. Selenium Webdriver Interview Questions
  4. Selenium Interview Questions FAQs

Selenium Interview Questions for Freshers

It may be slightly overwhelming to begin off as a more energizing getting into any new discipline. Nevertheless, we now have received you lined as we now have compiled an important and incessantly requested Selenium Interview questions you can begin with. These are the elemental questions that anybody as a newbie can begin with.

1. What’s Selenium?

Selenium is an open-source, automated testing instrument that’s used to check internet functions throughout numerous browsers. Nevertheless, the unhappy half is, that it may well check solely internet functions and never cell and desktop functions.

2. What’s SDLC?

The essential section within the software program improvement life cycle (SDLC) is Testing. There are two sorts of Testing.

  1. Handbook Testing
    • It concerned the bodily execution of check case situations towards the functions to detect errors and bugs.
    • This posed lots of challenges and heavy guide effort.
  2. Automation Testing
    • Alternatively, Automation Testing offered us with a technique to automate the testing processes and elevated the demand.
What is SDLC?

3. What’s automation testing?

The usage of automation instruments for writing and executing the check instances with no guide involvement for executing the Automated Take a look at Suite is named Automation Testing. The Automation instruments are most popular by Testers to write down the check instances or check scripts after which group all of them into Take a look at Suites. These instruments are designed to execute manually designed check instances with none human intervention. 

Among the benefits of Automation Testing embrace:

  • Save Cash and Time. 
  • Automation Testing will increase the accuracy as there isn’t a probability for human errors.
  • Code Reusability. Create as soon as and execute a number of instances with Much less or no upkeep.
  • Straightforward Reporting. Robotically generates the studies after the execution of the check instances.
  • Straightforward for Compatibility Testing by enabling the parallel execution together with OS and browser environments.
  • Extra Dependable, Highly effective and Versatile.
  • Automation Instruments permits us to combine with Jenkins, GitHub and so forth.,
  • Principally used for Regression Testing.
  • Helps to watch the Take a look at Protection and enhance the check instances accordingly.

This is without doubt one of the tough Selenium interview questions. Truly, it is determined by the complexity and size of the Take a look at case state of affairs. When the complexity is restricted, you possibly can automate two to 5 check instances and one or fewer check instances when the complexity is excessive in a day.

4. What’s the historical past of Selenium?

Selenium is without doubt one of the hottest automated testing suites. It’s a playback instrument to carry out purposeful testing with none information of a check scripting language. Selenium is an open-source, internet UI-based automation testing suite. Jason Huggins developed this instrument in 2004 at ThoughtWorks. 

5. What are the totally different Selenium suite Parts?

Selenium is not only a single instrument or utility, however moderately a bundle of a number of testing instruments and that’s why it’s referred to as Selenium Suite. Every of those instruments caters to totally different testing and testing environments.

It includes 4 main elements as follows:

  1. Selenium Built-in Improvement Surroundings (IDE):

It’s distributed as a Firefox plugin that acts as a file and playback instrument. It’s developed to hurry up the creation of automation scripts.

  1. Selenium Distant Management (RC):

Selenium Distant Management is a server with which the person can create the Take a look at instances in any desired programming language. The instructions current within the check scripts are accepted by the server and despatched to the browsers because the Selenium core Java script instructions to take care of the browser behaviour accordingly.

  1. Selenium Internet driver:

Selenium Internet Driver is a programming interface to create and run check instances. It gives a technique to act on numerous internet components. This Internet driver doesn’t require one other server, in contrast to Selenium Distant Management.

  1. Selenium Grid:

The Selenium Grid is used to distribute the instructions to the totally different machines concurrently. It paves a means for the parallel execution of the check instances in several browsers and totally different environments. It achieves concurrency and integrity within the Take a look at Suite Execution.

Different Selenium suite Components

6. Why ought to I exploit Selenium?

  • Open-source
  • Giant assist from the neighborhood and the person base is big
  • Cross-browser compatibility (Firefox, Chrome, Edge and so forth.,)
  • A number of programming language assist (Python, Java, Perl and so forth.,)
  • On daily basis or common repository developments
  • Distributed Testing can be supported.

7. What’s the main distinction between Selenium 3.0 and Selenium 2.0?

Selenium 2.0 represents the merger of the Unique Selenium challenge with the Internet Driver challenge. The Selenium RC received deprecated however was used for backward compatibility.

Selenium 3.0 usually referred to as an extension of the Selenium 2.0 is inherently backward appropriate with elevated stability and a number of other bug fixes and doesn’t contain the Selenium RC in any respect.

8. What do you imply by Selenese?

Selenese which is named the Selenium command is the set of the selenium instructions that run your check instances. For instance, open (URL) is a Selenium command which opens the required URL within the particular browser. A check script is the sequence of all these instructions put collectively. There are three sorts of Selenese. They’re,

  • Actions: We are able to use it to carry out interactions and operations on the goal components
  • Accessors: These are used for storing the values within the variables.
  • Assertions: These can be utilized as checkpoints to maintain monitor of the sequential circulation of instructions.

9. What number of parameters do selenium instructions have at a minimal?

There are 4 parameters that you should cross in Selenium. They’re as follows,

We are able to bind the Selenium to a selected IP deal with as an alternative of a Native host in our native machine.

We are able to specify the port quantity too i.e., TCP/IP port to attach the Selenium exams to the Grid hub. We have to be sure that there isn’t a different software with the identical port quantity up in another location inside the identical machine.

The browser through which the selenium scripts must be executed.

The appliance URL triggers the check instances inside that.

10. What’s the distinction between the Absolute path and Relative Path?

Absolute Path: 

  • This path begins from the basis node and ends with the specified components node.
  • It begins with a single slash (/)
  • Instance: /html.physique/div/td/enter

Relative Path:

  • This path begins from any node in between and to the specified components node.
  • It begins with a double slash (//)
  • Instance: //enter/instance[@id=name]

11. What’s the distinction between Assert and Confirm statements in Selenium?


  • We are able to test whether or not a component is on the web page or not.
  • The check fails and will get terminated every time there’s a fail within the test. That’s the program management circulation stops.


  • It’s solely to specify whether or not the given situation is true or false.
  • This system management circulation doesn’t cease as a consequence of this.

General, the Confirm assertion doesn’t halt this system execution whereas the Assert assertion does halt the execution. 

12. What’s the distinction between findElement() and findElements()?

findElement() : 

It makes use of the given finding mechanism to seek out the primary factor inside the present web page and return a single internet factor.


It additionally makes use of the given finding mechanism to seek out all the weather inside the present web page and return the listing of all internet components.

13. What are the verification factors which might be obtainable in Selenium?

  • Selenium IDE: Confirm and Assert instructions
  • Selenium Internet Driver: This doesn’t have any built-in options for verification and at all times is determined by our coding type. Some examples will be like checking the web page title, checking for sure textual content on the web page, checking for a sure factor like textbox, dropdown, discipline and so forth.,

14. Clarify Implicit wait, Specific wait and Fluent wait?

We are able to set the timeout for a selected period of time for all of the successive internet components. On this specified time, the net driver searches for all the net components earlier than throwing the NoSuchElementException. 

We are able to inform the Internet Driver to attend for sure situations earlier than throwing the ElemntNotVisibleException.

It’s a slight extension for the specific wait. Other than ready for sure situations to be met, we will additionally set the frequency with which we test the situation earlier than throwing the ElementNotVisibleException.

15. What’s the main distinction between driver.shut() and driver.stop()?


It’s a command by which the present window will be closed. For instance, if we now have a number of browser home windows open then, through the use of this command we will shut the window with which the main focus is.


This command closes all of the browser home windows that are open. For instance, if we now have a number of browser home windows open then, this command can shut all of the home windows without delay.

16. Can Selenium deal with windows-based pop-up?

As we already know that Selenium is an automation testing instrument that may work with solely internet functions. Subsequently, the pop-up in home windows can’t be dealt with by Selenium. However, by integrating with the third-party instruments we will overcome this downside.

17. What’s an Object Repository and Clarify how we will create the Object Repository in Selenium?

The gathering of internet components that belongs to the appliance underneath check together with their locator values. That is sometimes called Object Repository. The one factor is the locators are saved in a centralized location than exhausting coding them within the check scripts.

Whereas coming to Selenium, the objects will be saved in Excel additionally and can be utilized to populate them within the script every time required. 

18. What are the totally different sorts of frameworks?

The check information of this type is generated from exterior recordsdata like excel, CSV, XML, and so forth. The info regarding the check instances rely outdoors on the enter and verification values maintained utilizing the variables.

  • Key phrase-driven framework:

The info tables and the key phrases are developed independently of the automation check instances. On this framework, the performance of the check situations is documented within the desk step-by-step.

  • Module-based testing framework:

Remoted and Logical modules are made out of the appliance that’s underneath check. Unbiased check scripts are written for every module. These scripts are then clubbed collectively as a complete.

  • Behaviour pushed testing framework:

The check scripts are written in such a means that the automation is finished on the performance or options to make sure the readability, understanding, and reliability to both the enterprise specialists or builders, or different testers.

  • Hybrid testing framework:

The mixture of greater than one of many above-mentioned frameworks by leveraging the advantages of every is named a Hybrid testing framework.

19. What’s the same-origin coverage? How can we keep away from it?

This coverage is launched for safety causes.

  • By this coverage, it ensures that we can not entry the script from one other website.
  • The supply code which is loaded inside the browser can solely be operated inside that web site’s area.
  • This coverage will be averted through the use of the proxy-injection technique. On this technique, the browser is tricked utilizing the Selenium’s server to be an actual URL (fictional URL).

20. What’s the distinction between the getwindowhandle() and getwindowhandles()?

getwindowhandles(): That is used to get the deal with of all of the open browsers and returns the info sort of Set<String>.

getwindowhandle(): That is used to get the deal with of the present browser window the place it’s targeted on and returns the information sort of String.

21. What are the several types of Annotations utilized in Selenium?

Syntactic metadata will be added to the Java supply code which is named annotations. They are often added on variables, parameters, packages, courses and so forth., A few of them that are utilized in Selenium embrace,

@Earlier than, @Take a look at, @After

22. What’s the distinction between setSpeed() and sleep() strategies?

These strategies will delay the pace of the execution. 

  • Thread.sleep(): The present thread will cease for a specified time period. It solely waits as soon as when the command is given. It takes solely a single argument that’s Integer format.
  • set sleep(): This command will cease the execution for each selenium command. This command is used just for demonstration functions and likewise for a sluggish internet software.

23. Record some great benefits of Internet driver over Selenium server?

  • If Selenium internet driver is used, then no want to make use of the dependency of the selenium server.
  • Selenium server gives us with the performance of Selenium RC for the backward compatibility.
  • Selenium server acts as a middleware for the communication between browsers and the appliance. Whereas, the Selenium internet driver instantly calls the browser to assist automation.

Selenium Interview Questions for Skilled

Anybody with expertise in Selenium might be requested considerably superior questions. To be ready for a scenario like this, we now have a listing of Selenium Interview Questions for Skilled prepared. These questions are tailor-made to what could also be anticipated of you through the interview as a Selenium skilled.

24. How will you retailer a price in a textual content field?

A command which may retailer the worth from the textual content field utilizing an online driver.

For instance, 

driver.findElement(“your Textbox”)).sendKeys(“your key phrase”);

25. How will you debug the exams within the Selenium IDE?

This is without doubt one of the most requested selenium interview questions

  • We have to first insert the breakpoints the place we have to debug and execute the check step-by-step. 
  • Later, Run the check case.
  • After this, the execution stops on the level the place the breakpoint is saved.
  • You’ll be able to click on on the Run button to proceed the execution of all of the instructions sequentially.

26. What are common expressions and How will you use common expressions in Selenium?

The Search patterns are represented utilizing the particular Textual content string referred to as the common expressions. Regexp is the key phrase that can be utilized as a prefix to deal with a textual content in Selenium as a daily expression.

27. How will you deal with working with a number of home windows in Selenium?

selectWindow() command in Selenium can be utilized to change among the many working home windows. The distinguishing issue amongst all of the home windows is the title of the window.

28. How can the message within the alert field be retrieved?

storeAlert() command can be utilized to retrieve the message from the alert pop-up and retailer it in a variable.

29. How will you confirm the particular place of an online factor?

verifyElementPositionLeft and verifyElementPositionTop instructions are used. These use the pixel comparability by figuring out the place of the factor from the left and prime of the net web page respectively.

30. Why will we use Selenium RC?

  • Selenium IDE has the constraints which Selenium RC can diminish by way of browser assist and language assist.
  • IDE doesn’t assist many capabilities like Logging, iterations, conditional statements, check case outcomes reporting and so forth., because it helps solely HTML Language.
  • That’s why the Selenium RC is used to speak with the opposite languages like Perl, Python and so forth.,

31. What are the benefits or Advantages of Selenium RC?

Benefits or Advantages of RC embrace,

  • Knowledge will be learn or write to or from .xlsx, .csv, .txt and so forth.,
  • Dynamic objects and Ajax based mostly UI components will be dealt with.
  • Conditional statements and Iterations functionalities can be utilized to enhance and improve efficiency and suppleness.
  • Assist for any programming languages and Working techniques.
  • Selenium RC can be utilized on any browser which is enabled with Java script.

32. Are you able to listing the Technical limitations whereas utilizing the Selenium RC?

  • Similar-origin coverage
  • Something outdoors the browser can be restricted to entry within the check state of affairs execution.

33. What’s the want to make use of the TestNG with Selenium RC?

If the requirement of the automation check suite is meant to work towards the totally different servers and consumer platforms then, we have to invoke the check instances from the command line. Additionally, we do want the check case outcomes studies periodically to make estimates and likewise implement the flexibleness on the best way to create the exams. Such type of flexibility is offered by the TestNG.

34. Which Language do you employ to implement check case suites in Selenium?

Essentially the most most popular language to implement Selenium in Python over Java. It’s because,

  • Java applications do run slower when in comparison with the Python applications.
  • The implementation and the complexity of each are fairly totally different and Python works effectively.
  • Python is dynamically typed whereas Java is statically typed.
  • Java will not be less complicated and compact to write down check instances when in comparison with python.

35. What are Breakpoints and Begin factors in Selenium?

The circulation of execution is stopped utilizing the breakpoints. By doing this we will confirm that the code is working in an anticipated method or not.

The purpose from the place the execution ought to start is set by the beginning factors. If you need to run a check script from the center of the code or a breakpoint, we use these.

36. How is the specified functionality helpful by way of Selenium?

A collection of key-value pairs can be utilized to retailer info just like the browser title, browser model, the trail of the browser driver within the system, and so forth., to find out the conduct of the browser on the run-time. This characteristic or performance is often known as desired functionality.

For Selenium,

The motive force occasion will be configured utilizing this.

It comes into apply while you need to run the check instances in several working techniques, browsers, and variations.

37. When do you employ AutoIT?

As we already know that Selenium is used solely to automate internet functions. But when we need to deal with or handle or keep the GUI, HTML pop-ups then, we’d like the usage of AutoIT.

38. Are you able to point out why do you want the Session dealing with in Selenium?

Session dealing with is essential whereas working with Selenium. It’s because whereas working with the check case situations we have to set up the communication between the browser and the appliance whereas executing the instructions. There will be a problem the place whereas operating a selected check script, one other check script will be triggered inside the identical host and identical sort of browser. That is an important half and the explanation why we’d like the session dealing with.

39. Are you able to automate CAPTCHA?

The reply is No. We can not automate CAPTCHA in Selenium. The idea of CAPTCHA is to make sure that the bots or automated check scripts mustn’t have entry to delicate info, and that’s the reason we can not automate it. The captcha needs to be manually typed with a purpose to proceed the circulation of execution of the check suite.

40. How will we launch totally different browsers in Selenium?

  • A driver occasion needs to be created for a selected browser which we have to work upon. 
  • WebDriver driver = new FireFoxDriver();
  • WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver();
  • Right here, the WebDriver is the interface the place the Firefox, chrome and all different browser driver implementations are made.

41. What’s Locator and How do you find a component in Selenium?

The weather of the net web page are discovered and matched utilizing locators to work together with. There are totally different sorts of locators to determine several types of components on the internet web page. They’re as follows,

  • ID
  • Title
  • Class
  • Partial Hyperlink
  • XPath
  • CSS Selector
  • Hyperlink Textual content

42. Why do you select Selenium over QTP (Fast Take a look at Skilled)?

Characteristic Selenium Fast Take a look at Skilled (QTP)
Browser Compatibility Nearly all fashionable browsers are supported. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Web Explorer, Edge, and so forth. This helps solely Chrome, Firefox, and Web explorer. Additionally, it helps solely the Home windows working system.
Distribution Distributed as open-source and it’s freely obtainable. Distributed as a licensed instrument and is commercialized.
Utility Below Take a look at (AUT) Internet-based functions are solely supported in this sort of automated testing. This gives assist for each webs- based mostly in addition to home windows functions for automated testing.
Object Repository The separate entity in Selenium is used to create the item repository. Computerized creation of the Object repository occurs and is maintained too
Language Assist A number of Programming languages like Java, Python, Perl, Ruby, C#, and so forth., are supported by this Selenium. Solely VBScript language is supported by this QTP.
Vendor Assist As we already know that Selenium is a free instrument, we don’t get vendor assist in troubleshooting the problems we face. Vendor assist is assured for the customers utilizing the QTP they usually do get fast responses as QTP is commercialized and licensed.

Selenium Webdriver Interview Questions

Among the widespread selenium webdriver interview questions are as follows:

43. What are the challenges and Limitations of the Selenium Internet Driver?

As everyone knows that the Selenium Internet Driver is used to imitate the actual person actions on the internet within the browser. Among the challenges of Selenium are as follows,

  • Not appropriate to check the Home windows or Desktop functions.
  • Additionally, can’t be used to check Cellular functions.
  • No Constructed-in reporting and it have to be built-in with the opposite instruments to acquire the studies.
  • Assist for Picture Testing is restricted.
  • The person ought to have prior programming information.
  • Since it’s open-source, there isn’t a vendor assist.

44. What are the Testing sorts which might be supported by Selenium?

Regression Testing and Purposeful Testing are majorly supported by Selenium.

  1. Regression Testing:

All of the Take a look at instances are executed repeatedly both partially or as a full to make sure that the prevailing functionalities are working as designed. It consists of the next steps,

  • Re-testing: All of the check instances within the Take a look at Suite are executed which proves to be time-consuming and costly.
  • Regression Take a look at case Choice: The check instances are labeled or categorized as options exams, integration exams and so forth., and a few check instances are chosen.
  • Prioritization of Take a look at instances: The check instances which might be chosen are prioritized based mostly on the essential functionalities and enterprise impression.
  1. Purposeful Testing:

On this, all of the capabilities within the software are verified with a selected requirement. That is primarily the black-box testing as it’s not involved in regards to the supply code of the appliance. It consists of the next steps,

  • Take a look at Enter is recognized.
  • Take a look at End result is computed.
  • The check case is executed
  • The precise end result and the check end result are in contrast accordingly.

45. Clarify several types of Exceptions within the Selenium Internet driver?

The Exceptions within the Selenium internet driver are additionally much like the exceptions in another programming language like Java, C#, and so forth., Among the commonest exceptions are as follows,

  • TimeOutException: This exception will be thrown when a selected operation can’t be accomplished in a specified or stipulated time.
  • NoSuchElementException: When a component within the given set of attributes will not be current on the internet web page then, this exception will be thrown.
  • ElementNotVisibleException: There will be instances the place a selected factor will be current within the DOM (Doc Object Mannequin) however not seen on the internet web page. In such instances, this exception will be thrown.
  • StaleElementException: When a component is both deleted or not current within the DOM then, this exception will be thrown. We usually face this exception when the factor we’re interacting with is both destroyed or recreated once more. 

46. Which API is used for database testing within the Selenium internet driver?

JDBC (Java Database connectivity) is used for database testing in Selenium. This permits us to write down the SQL (Structured Question Language) queries and execute them.

47. Are you able to write a small code snippet to launch a Chrome browser in Internet Driver?

public class ChromeBrowserLaunchDemo {  
public static void principal(String[] args) {  
//Making a driver object referencing WebDriver interface  
WebDriver driver;  
//Setting the property to its executable's location  
System.setProperty("", "/lib/chromeDriver/chromedriver.exe");  
//Instantiating driver object  
driver = newChromeDriver();  
//Utilizing get() technique to open a webpage  
//Closing the browser  

48. Are you able to point out the challenges you face when dealing with the Ajax calls in Selenium Internet driver?

The next are the challenges we face whereas dealing with the AJAX calls,

  • Pause command in Ajax calls will not be typical and dependable in dealing with. Lengthy pauses do trigger the check case execution will increase the time of execution. We are able to use the waitForCondition as an alternative to check the AJAX functions.
  • Assessing the danger related to these functions is tough.
  • Encoding and Serialization within the AJAX functions make it tough in growing the automation check case situations.

49. Are you able to clarify how will you deal with colors in internet driver?

We are able to use the command getCssValue(arg0) to fetch the colours by sending the colour because the argument.

50. Which implementation of the net driver is the quickest?

The net driver implementation HTML Unit Driver is the quickest of all. It’s because this driver doesn’t execute the exams within the browser however moderately, executes solely the plain HTTP which is fast quicker as anticipated.

51. What’s the distinction between an absolute and a relative path?

An absolute path is a whole path from the basis listing to the file or listing you need to entry, whereas a relative path is a partial path that’s relative to the present listing.

52. What’s the distinction between a WebDriver and a RemoteWebDriver?

A WebDriver is an interface that means that you can talk with a browser, whereas a RemoteWebDriver is a driver that means that you can talk with a browser on a distant machine.

53. What’s the distinction between a findElement and a discover components?

A findElement returns a single WebElement, whereas a findElements returns a listing of WebElements.

54. What’s the distinction between a get and a submit request?

A get request is used to retrieve information from a server, whereas a submit request is used to submit information to a server.

A cookie is a small piece of information that’s saved on the person’s pc, whereas a session is a bunch of associated interactions between the person and the web site.

For a extra detailed course, go to Nice Studying Academy the place one can find numerous programs on Machine Studying at no cost.

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Selenium Interview Questions FAQs

Among the vital selenium interview questions FAQs are as follows:

What are the vital subjects in selenium?

  • Selenium Webdriver 3. x.
  • Distinction between selenium variations like IDE, RC, WEB DRIVER
  • Selenium courses/interface/strategies hierarchy from prime to backside
  • Selenium GRID implementation for native and distant nodes.
  • Java Ideas intimately.
  • TestNG Framework.
  • Superior Reporting.
  • Web page Object Mannequin.
  • Web page Manufacturing facility Framework.
  • Knowledge-Pushed Framework.
  • Utilizing reflection within the Web page Object framework for creating pages dynamically.
  • Selenium utilization with Docker.
  • Selenium JSON wire protocol particulars.
  • The Selenium integration with totally different instruments like JMeter, cucumber, AutoIt, Jenkins.
  • Selenium frameworks like web page manufacturing unit, hybrid and so forth.

What can Selenium be used for?

Selenium is used for automation testing on numerous internet browsers similar to  Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, and IE. With the assistance of a selenium internet driver, one can simply automate browser testing.

What are selenium instructions?

WebDriver command Utilization
get() Launches a brand new browser and opensthe specified URLTakes a single string sort parameter
getClass() This command is used to retrieve the Class object
getCurrentUrl() • This command is used to retrieve the URL of the webpage and doesn’t require any parameter.
getPageSource() • This command is used to retrieve the web page supply and doesn’t require any parameter and returns a string worth
boolean outcome = driver.getPageSource().accommodates(“String to seek out”);
getTitle() • The command is used to retrieve the title of the webpage the person is presently engaged on.• The command doesn’t require any parameter and returns a trimmed string worth
String title = driver.getTitle();
getText() • This command is used to retrieve the inside textual content of the required internet factor

String Textual content = driver.findElement(“Textual content”)).getText();

getAttribute() • The command is used to retrieve the worth of the required attribute and requires a single string parameterdriver.findElement(“findID”)).getAttribute(“worth”);
getWindowHandle() • This command is used within the scenario when we now have multiple window to cope with and the person can even change again to the earlier window if he/she needs.
non-public String winHandleBefore;winHandleBefore = driver.getWindowHandle();driver.switchTo().window(winHandleBefore);
getWindowHandles() • The command is much like that of “getWindowHandle()” however right here they cope with greater than 2 home windows solely.

What are the fundamentals of selenium?

Selenium was initially developed by Jason Huggins in 2004 as an inner instrument as an open-source Internet UI for automation testing. Selenium helps automation throughout totally different browsers similar to  Web Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari, platforms similar to Home windows, Linux, Solaris, and Macintosh, and programming languages similar to C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby and now it’s also fashionable with Java and c#.

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What are the disadvantages of selenium?

  • Can’t depend on technical Assist – As it’s open-source software program, it’s exhausting to depend on technical assist.
  • It helps Internet-based functions solely.
  • Selenium takes extra time to create check instances because it has a programming interface solely.
  • Troublesome to arrange Take a look at Surroundings with instruments like UFT, RFT, SilkTest and so forth.
  • Restricted assist for Picture Testing.
  • New options might not work correctly.
  • No Take a look at Device integration for Take a look at Administration.
  • No Constructed-in reporting facility.
  • Transparency
  • Platform Unbiased
  • Quickens TTM and TTD
  • Fosters Steady Integration Efforts
  • Visibility in Finish-to-Finish Testing
  • Reduces Turnaround Time
  • Integration With Different Instruments

Is Selenium a framework?

Sure, selenium is a software program testing framework for internet functions that means that you can automate internet app testing. With languages like Java, Python, Ruby, C#, you possibly can write check scripts to run towards browsers and VMs.

Which language is finest for selenium?

Python and Ruby are one of the best binding languages for selenium as software program might robotically load the motive force whether it is current in the identical folder as your system or within the python path.

  • Java: Java stays the preferred programming language for check automation however not good as it’s not a scripting language
  • JavaScript: JavaScript is used for check automation by 35% of our customers writing their exams on this language.


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