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Hear the World’s Oldest Identified Track, “Hurrian Hymn No. 6” Written 3,400 Years In the past

Do you want outdated timey music?


You’ll be able to’t get extra outdated timey than Hurrian Hymn No. 6, which was found on a clay pill within the historical Syrian port metropolis of Ugarit within the Nineteen Fifties, and is over 3400 12 months outdated.

Truly, you possibly can – an analogous pill making reference to Lipit-Ishtar, a hymn glorifying the fifth king of the First Dynasty of Isin, in what’s now Iraq, is older by some 600 years, however as CMUSE stories, it “accommodates little greater than tuning directions for the lyre.”

Hurrian Hymn No. 6 presents meatier content material, and in contrast to 5 different tablets found in the identical location, is sufficiently effectively preserved to permit archeologists, and others, to take a crack at reconstructing its track, although it was certainly not simple.

College of California emeritus professor of Assyriology Anne Kilmer spent 15 years researching the pill, earlier than transcribing it into fashionable musical notation in 1972.

Hers is one in every of a number of interpretations YouTuber hochelaga samples within the above video.

Whereas the unique pill offers particular particulars on how the musician ought to place their fingers on the lyre, different parts, like tuning or how lengthy notes needs to be held, are absent, giving fashionable arrangers some room for creativity.

Under archaeomusicologist Richard Dumbrill explains his interpretation from 1998, through which vocalist Lara Jokhader assumes the a part of a younger girl privately interesting to the goddess Nikkal to make her fertile:

Right here’s a very pretty classical guitar spin, courtesy of Syrian musicologist Raoul Vitale and composer Feras Rada

And a haunting piano model, by Syrian-American composer Malek Jandali, founding father of Pianos for Peace:

And who can resist an opportunity to listen to Hurrian Hymn No. 6 on a duplicate of an historical lyre by “new ancestral” composer Michael Levy, who considers it his musical mission to “open a portal to a time that has been all however forgotten:”

 I dream to rekindle the very spirit of our historical ancestors. To seize, for just some moments, a time when folks imagined the material of the universe was woven from harmonies and notes. To luxuriate in a gentler time when the fragility of life was actually appreciated and its each motion was carried out within the almighty sense of awe felt for the traditional gods.

Samurai Guitarist Steve Onotera channels the thriller of antiquity too, by combining Dr. Dumbrill’s melody with Dr. Kilmer’s, attempting and discarding a lot of approaches – synthwave, lo-fi hip hop, reggae dub (“an absolute catastrophe”) – earlier than deciding it was greatest rendered as a solo for his Fender electrical.

Amaranth Publishing has a number of MIDI information of Hurrian Hymn No 6, together with Dr. Kilmer’s, you could obtain at no cost right here.

Open them within the music notation software program program of your selection, and will it please the goddess, maybe yours would be the subsequent interpretation of Hurrian Hymn No. 6 to be featured right here on Open Tradition

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