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Giant-area and high-precision fabrication of aspheric micro-lens array

Large-area and high-precision fabrication of aspheric micro-lens array
a, On this imaging instance, B(x, y) is the gaussian beam, E(x, y) is the publicity dose sampled by construction. The aerial sample I(x, y) convolving B(x, y) and E(x, y). Lastly, the resist impact is described by the differentiable sigmoid operate, and the simulation sample D(x, y) is approximated by Sigmoid (I(x, y)). b-c) Schematic illustration of the AMLA profile b, earlier than and (c) after OPC, the place black, crimson and blue traces signify goal profile, simulation profile and experimental profile of AMLA respectively. Credit score: Shiyi Luan, Fei Peng,Guoxing Zheng, Chengqun Gui, Yi Track, and Sheng Liu

As a construction composed of two-dimensional arrays of microscale lenses, micro-lens array (MLA) has attracted the eye of each academia and business resulting from its distinctive optical properties and huge purposes. Not too long ago, MLA has progressively stepped into various utility fields, comparable to wave entrance sensing, digital actuality/augmented actuality show, beam shaping, micro/huge viewing angle imaging, light-field digital camera, optical communication and lots of different rising purposes.

Nevertheless, with the normal MLA fabrication approaches, comparable to the new reflow, ink-jet and , it’s tough to manufacture aspheric micro-lens array (AMLA) instantly with a desired association and profile, which determines AMLA’s optical performances. In the meantime, the drawbacks, such because the particles induced by the top-down writing, difficulties within the topography controlling and the method complexity, hinder these strategies from large-scale commercialization.

In a brand new paper revealed in Gentle: Superior Manufacturing, a staff of scientists, led by Professor Chengqun Gui from State Key Laboratory of Superior Lithography, The Institute of Technological Sciences, Wuhan College, Wuhan, and colleagues have demonstrated the fabrication and characterization of AMLA by way of the only beam publicity DLWL, which may fulfill the excessive requirement of optical performances.

To manage the profile, an optimization methodology was employed in our research to cut back the AMLA profile deviation from the specified one. Parallel and scattered gentle sources had been used to check the totally different optical performances of the AMLA, and the outcomes meet fairly properly with our design. As a result of excessive flexibility of our strategy, AMLA with totally different filling elements and an off-axis AMLA may also be readily fabricated with the one-step photolithography. Lastly, an auto-stereoscopic-display with versatile skinny movie has been ready by utilizing above expertise, which reveals a brand new means to offer versatile holographic show at low price.

Large-area and high-precision fabrication of aspheric micro-lens array
a, Schematic diagram of an off-axis MLA. b, Three-dimensional topography of a fabricated off-axis MLA. c, Experimentally captured targeted spot arrays with the working wavelength of 635 nm. d, Off-axis MLA characterised by way of the SEM. e-f, SEM photographs in partial views of the MLAs with filling elements of 90.7% and 100%. Credit score: Shiyi Luan, Fei Peng,Guoxing Zheng, Chengqun Gui, Yi Track, and Sheng Liu

In comparison with the normal MLA fabrication strategies, this superior photolithography expertise is the excessive flexibility in design, which may considerably enhance the efficiency of many purposeful gadgets primarily based on MLA. These scientists summarize the benefit and utility prospect of this superior photolithography expertise:

“We present the AMLA with dimensions of 30 × 30 mm2 will be fabricated inside 8 h 36 min, similar to a high-speed writing exceeding 100 mm2/h. Actually, we will fabricate MLA with space bigger than 500× 500 mm2.In the meantime, the profile of fabricated AMLA was optimized efficiently by way of a three-dimensional optical proximity correction (relative profile deviation right down to 0.28%) and floor roughness was sub 6 nm in common.”

“It has many utility prospects, comparable to laser beam shaper and wave-front sensor. For instance, to comprehend a freeform beam shaper, the micro-lenses inside a MLA must be aligned irregularly (i.e., the targeted spot arrays are randomly distributed), which requires a posh greyscale masks for different approaches. Utilizing the laser direct writing lithography expertise with a excessive diploma of producing freedom, we will instantly fabricate an off-axis MLA to generate unregular spot arrays with out the requirement of a posh greyscale masks,” they added.

“The proposed AMLA fabrication methodology primarily based on the direct laser writing lithography cannot solely scale back the problem of getting ready advanced morphology MLAs, but in addition be very appropriate for industrial manufacturing. This may increasingly drastically scale back the preparation price of gadgets composed of micro-lens, comparable to endoscopes, infrared detectors, holographic shows, optical couplers, and so forth. Subsequently, it will have large impression on the , rescue, optical communication, army and lots of different associated fields,” the scientists mentioned.

Cheap, easy fabrication methodology poised to increase microlens purposes

Extra data:
Shiyi Luan et al, Excessive-speed, large-area and high-precision fabrication of aspheric micro-lens array primarily based on 12-bit direct laser writing lithography, Gentle: Superior Manufacturing (2022). DOI: 10.37188/lam.2022.047

Giant-area and high-precision fabrication of aspheric micro-lens array (2022, September 22)
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