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Geometric Shapes | Primary Geometric Objects

In geometric shapes we’ll concentrate on the essential geometric objects. Children can have enjoyable whereas studying about primary geometric options.

In kindergarten geometry the frequent objects helps the kids to develop their understanding of shapes.



A circle is a spherical in form.

There aren’t any corners within the circle.

There aren’t any sides within the circle.

Among the examples of circle are



There are 4 corners within the sq..

There are 4 sides within the sq..

All corners are the identical.

All sides are the identical.

Among the examples of sq. are



There are 4 corners within the rectangle.

There are 4 sides within the rectangle.

Two sides are brief.

Two sides are lengthy.

Among the examples of rectangle are



There are 3 corners within the triangle.

There are 3 sides within the triangle.

Among the examples of triangle are


Among the examples of oval are


Among the examples of diamond are

The worksheets will assist the pre-learners to be taught the essential shapes.

I. Fill within the lacking letters and match them with the shapes.

(i) C _ r _ l e

Shape 1

(ii) D _ a m _ n _

Shape 2

(iii) S _ u _ r _

Shape 3

(iv) R e _ t _ n g _ e

Shape 4

(v) _ v _ l

Shape 5

(vi) T _ i a n _ l _

Shape 6

II. Be a part of the dots and kind the shapes.

III. Coloration the image of a crocodile made from shapes in response to the given colour code.

All triangles brown 

Brown Triangle

All circles inexperienced

Green Circle

All rectangles blue

Blue Triangle

What number of triangles did you discover? __________

What number of circles did you discover? __________

What number of rectangles did you discover? __________

IV. Color the circles orange. Color the triangles yellow. Color the squares inexperienced. Color the rectangles blue. Color the diamonds crimson. 

These are the essential geometric shapes which might be essential to be taught in kindergarten.

Math Solely Math relies on the premise that kids don’t make a distinction between play and work and be taught finest when studying turns into play and play turns into studying.

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