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Finger Portray Physics

Spreading paint with a brush or with fingers is acquainted exercise for most individuals. It’s additionally much like processes utilized in trade for spreading skinny layers of paint and different advanced fluids. In a current examine, researchers took a take a look at how a smooth, elastic blade (much like a paintbrush or one’s fingers) spreads shear-thinning fluids (like paint) and Newtonian fluids (like water). Surprisingly, they discovered that it truly takes 30% extra mechanical work to unfold a shear-thinning fluid than the identical quantity of an equal Newtonian one. That’s just about the alternative of what we’d anticipate because the motion of spreading (and shearing) the advanced fluid ought to cut back its viscosity. Nevertheless, they did discover that the shear-thinning fluid spreads to a skinny layer extra constantly than the Newtonian fluid does. (Picture credit score: A. Kolosyuk; analysis credit score: M. Krapez et al.)



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