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DALL-E 2 and mnemonic photographs

I just lately received an account for utilizing OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 picture generator. The instance photographs I’ve seen are sorta surreal combos of frequent phrases, and that made me factor of the Main reminiscence system.

I’ve written in regards to the Main system earlier than. For instance, I give an summary right here and I describe use it to memorize an ASCII desk right here. In a nutshell, there are consonant sounds related to every digit. Select fixed sounds and add any vowel sounds you prefer to make phrases you’ll be able to visualize.

There are a pair methods folks use the Main system. One is solely to memorize numbers. Any encoding that results in one thing you discover simple to recollect is OK. For instance, suppose you need to encode 19. The consonant sounds for 1 are tth, and d, and the consonant sounds for 9 are p and b. So you may encode 19 as adobe, Debbie, Ethiopia, tuba, and many others.

The opposite method folks use the Main system is to memorize particular pegs for numbers. For instance, you would possibly select tuba as your peg for 19. To memorize an inventory, you affiliate every merchandise with its peg, equivalent to associating the nineteenth merchandise with a tuba. Pegs must be distinctive so you’ll be able to pull up a selected psychological picture to name an inventory merchandise, equivalent to remembering what you related to a tuba.

For instance, suppose you wished to memorize an inventory of the US presidents. The nineteenth president was Rutherford B. Hayes, and so that you would possibly need to think about him enjoying a tuba. I uploaded a photograph of Hayes and requested DALL-E to make him play a tuba. The software program rejected my request, saying that real looking images of individuals should not allowed right now.

DALL-E is aware of about some folks however not others. For instance, it doesn’t know who Evariste Galois is, however apparently it has some concept who Rutherford B. Hayes is. Once I requested for “Rutherford B. Hayes enjoying a tuba” it got here again with the picture above.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the thirty second president. The consonant sound for 3 is m and the consonant sound for two is n. Suppose your peg for 32 is moon, and also you’d prefer to think about FDR trying up on the moon. Once I requested DALL-E to make a picture of this, I received a really unusual picture picture of FDR, however he was trying up on the moon.

FDR looking up at the moon

The one US president to serve two non-consecutive phrases was Grover Cleveland, the twenty second and twenty fourth president. I requested DALL-E for a picture of Grover the Muppet holding an onion (22) in a single hand and a wiener canine (24) within the different [1]. The outcome was not nice.

Blue dog holding cucumber dog?

I assumed Grover the Muppet can be extra memorable than Grover Cleveland himself. However DALL-E did higher with Mr. Cleveland. Perhaps there’s some copyright problem with the muppets?

Grover Cleveland with a onion-banana and a dog

Properly, he does have an onion, with one thing bizarre beneath. Bananas? Eggplant? Cow udders? And he has a canine, although not a wiener canine.

Creating your individual psychological photographs is much extra environment friendly than having DALL-E give you photographs for you, however the DALL-E photographs are helpful examples of what you may think for your self.

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[1] The Main system doesn’t use w and so you’ll be able to throw it in as you’d a vowel. So wiener decodes as n and r, 24.



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