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Cocrystal Engineering Technique for Sustained Launch and Leaching Discount of Herbicides: A Case Research of Metamitron

As a result of poor efficacy and environmental contamination attributable to ease leaching, extremely water-soluble herbicides have raised appreciable consideration. For instance, metamitron (MET), a herbicide which used for controlling grass and broadleaf weeds in sugar beet fields, has result in nice menace aquatic invertebrates due to its nice migratory capability. In consequence, it’s vital to regulate the discharge fee of MET utilized within the subject. Cocrystallization has been proved to be an efficient technique for dissolution properties manipulation of prescribed drugs and agrochemicals. Nevertheless, few cocrystals of herbicides have been reported for launch fee management. Herein, cocrystals of MET with cinnamic acid (CA), naringenin (NA), and baicalein (BA) have been found. In comparison with pure MET, the dissolution fee of cocrystals MET-NA and MET-BA have been dramatically decreased by 98.30% and 96.28%, respectively; the solubility of MET-NA and MET-BA have been decreased by 95.49% and 96.21%. Leaching experiments confirmed that the leaching quantity of MET-NA and MET-BA within the soil have been considerably decreased to roughly one fifth of pure MET. Below simulated rainfall, the MET-NA and MET-BA confirmed longer period of motion than pure MET. Moreover, crystal construction evaluation and molecular dynamics simulations have been condcuted to revealed the mechnism of sustained launch impact of cocrystals MET-NA and MET-BA at molecular lever. This work demonstrates that cocrystal engineering can supply a promising technique to realize sustained-released efficacy and to cut back environmental harm for extremely water-soluble herbicides.



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