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Bizarre, monumental planets could also be stolen from stars in ‘planetary heists’

Unusual planets nicknamed BEASTies are unlikely to have fashioned round their stars like most worlds, so they might have been stolen from different stars or captured from deep area


7 September 2022

Artist’s impression of a BEASTie. The image shows a gas giant planet (like Jupiter) on a distant orbit around a blue, massive star. The planet is likely to have been captured or stolen from another star. The background stars are members of the same star-forming region and could be the star the BEASTie was born around.

Artist’s impression of a a fuel large planet on a distant orbit round an enormous star

Mark Garlick

Large stars stealing planets from smaller stars might clarify why a wierd trio of planets are in orbits that they shouldn’t be.

B-type stars are extraordinarily scorching stars greater than thrice as large because the solar. Astronomers didn’t suppose they might host planets. Then in late 2021 and early 2022, a survey referred to as the B-star Exoplanet Abundance Research (BEAST) discovered three enormous planets on large orbits round B-type stars.

“These planets are …



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