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Betrayed That means. What’s betrayed and betrayal?

Betrayed Meaning

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Betrayed That means

Have you ever been betrayed by somebody who you belief? Betrayal might be one of the crucial painful loss one can expertise. You can’t be betrayed by somebody in case you didn’t belief them. So, if you end up betrayed, you additionally misplaced that particular person that you simply trusted.

That is devastating as a result of it’s practically unattainable to belief the betrayer once more. You’re terribly harm if you end up betrayed as a result of it modified your world or the best way you checked out issues. For instance, you married somebody, and also you thought that you simply each preferred excessive sports activities.

After the marriage, she confessed that she didn’t prefer it however she simply acted like she did as a result of she knew it was a giant deal for you. After listening to her confession, you felt betrayed as a result of your expectation was that you simply and your spouse would do excessive sports activities collectively, however now it has modified.

Instance of Betrayed:

  • She needed to file for a divorce as a result of she stated she had been betrayed so many instances and she or he couldn’t take it anymore.
  • They misplaced the sport as a result of certainly one of their teammates betrayed them.

Betrayed Translation

French translation: Trahie

Spanish translation: Traicionada

What precisely is betrayal blindness?

Betrayal blindness is when individuals are unaware of, don’t learn about, or overlook about betrayal.

A proof for institutional betrayal

Institutional betrayal time period is used when one thing unhealthy is finished by an establishment to individuals who depend upon that establishment.

Kinds and kinds of betrayal.

Hurtful sharing of personal info, lack of loyalty, dishonest, and mendacity are the commonest types of betrayal.

Dialog about Betrayal

Ryan: Have you learnt who I bumped into the mall yesterday?

Leo: Kim Kardashian?

Ryan: Haha, no. It was my ex-girlfriend. She had a two-year outdated boy. I believed it was her nephew, however the boy referred to as her mother.

Leo: Nicely, some nephews name their aunts mother, particularly when their aunts are caring for them.

Ryan: I doubt it a lot. She lied to me many instances earlier than. I believe it was actually her son. So, she cheated on mewhen we had been in a relationship. I really feel betrayed.

Leo: Don’t soar to conclusion in a short time.

Ryan: Yeah, you’re proper. I shouldn’t be so affected by her. She is not my girlfriend. It’s simply that, it nonetheless looks like a stab within the again. I trusted her a lot. Then, I used to be advised that she was falling in love with another person. It was devastating.

Leo: I believe you must discuss to her. If you’re nonetheless harm, then you have to nonetheless have emotions for her. Possibly this time, attempt to take heed to her extra.

Ryan: Why do I want to speak to her?

Leo: I promised to maintain this a secret, however I believe I ought to let you recognize. The boy you noticed yesterday is your son.

Ryan: What? And the way lengthy have you ever been maintaining this from me?

Leo: I knew it a yr in the past. My spouse advised me. You realize your ex and my spouse are greatest buddies.

Ryan: Wow. I really feel betrayed not solely by my ex but in addition by my buddies. I can’t settle for this.

Leo: Your ex thought you didn’t love her anymore, and she or he was frightened that you’d solely get again to her due to the infant. She is planning to let you know about your son quickly.

Ryan: I ought to go and discuss to her.

Different phrases you may create from betrayed:

Betrayal: This can be a noun that refers back to the act of betraying somebody, a bunch, or one’s nation.

Betrayer: An individual who betrays one other particular person, a bunch or their very own nation.

Selfbetrayal: The act of betraying oneself by serving the false self.

Betray: This can be a verb which implies to show one’s nation, a bunch, or an individual to hazard by treacherously giving info to an enemy. 


In the end betrayed

Utterly betrayed

Associated phrasal verbs:

Inform on: to inform or give details about somebody’s unhealthy conduct or secrets and techniques.

  • If you happen to don’t take heed to me, I’m going to inform on you.

Let down: to disappoint somebody.

  • I’m going to complete my diploma as a result of I don’t need to let my mom down.

Cheat on one thing: not obeying the foundations on one thing.

  • Lisa cheated on her last examination.

Cheat on somebody: to secretly have intercourse with somebody apart from your partner or companion.

  • She cheated on her husband twice.

Rat on: to provide away secret details about somebody to an individual ready of authority.

  • Please don’t rat on me as a result of I don’t need to be in bother.

Blurt out: to say one thing unintentionally, particularly secret or confidential info.

  • I can’t consider you blurted out our secret plans.

Flip in: to submit or refer somebody or one thing to somebody or a bunch, particularly in some official capability.

  • Nestor turned in his pal who’s the suspect of the theft that occurred yesterday.

Lead on: to deceive somebody, particularly by making them consider one thing is true and getting them to do issues in keeping with this perception.

  • He stated it was not his fault as a result of she led him on.

Rip off: an act of dishonest somebody by getting them to pay for overpriced services or products.

  • I believed I received deal once I purchased my home, however I simply realized that I used to be ripped off.

Associated idioms: 

Give over to the foe: to betray somebody.

  • I trusted my pal, so I by no means thought that he would give me over to the foe. 

A stab within the again: refers to a betrayal or an act of treachery.

  • It felt like a stab within the again once I knew that my girlfriend was pregnant with someone else’s youngster.

Synonyms (different methods to say):

  • Cheated
  • Deceived
  • Deserted
  • Deluded
  • Bilked
  • Defrauded
  • Fooled
  • Bamboozled
  • Falsified
  • Swindled
  • Violated a confidence
  • Bared
  • Uncovered
  • Displayed
  • Divulged
  • Uncovered
  • Disclose the secrets and techniques of
  • Made identified
  • Entrapped

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