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AS … AS Examples and comparisons

a turtle is not as fast as a rabbit
a turtle shouldn’t be as quick as a rabbit

AS … AS that means

What does ’as ‘as’ imply in English grammar? Right here is a few assist with use this construction. What are the as as examples and comparisons?

You utilize ’as… as’ to speak about issues which are very comparable or the identical. Utilizing the as…as construction, we are able to evaluate issues which have the identical ratio. Let’s see completely different As as examples.

AS + adjective + AS

Grammar Examples:

  • I’m as previous as my husband. = My husband and I are the similar age.
  • Your home is as lovely as mine. = Your home and my home are equally lovely.

When evaluating two issues which are the identical ultimately, we use as + adjective/adverb + as:

  • The biggest lion on the earth is as huge as a automotive.
  • This summer time season is simply as unhealthy because it was final yr. It’s been raining endlessly for months.
  • You must be very cautious as you’re taking it out of the package deal. It is extremely delicate.

Not as… as examples

Use Not as … as  when evaluating issues that aren’t similar:

  • I used to be unsuitable about how heavy it might be, this bag is not as heavy as I imagined it to be.
  • Frankie remains to be shorter than Danny. He isn’t as tall as his brother.
  • She doesn’t sing as loud as she might.

Not as…as may be modified by saying isn’t fairly as or shouldn’t be practically as:

  • The second race didn’t become fairly so simple as the primary one. The primary race was simpler.
  • My previous sneakers have been far more comfy, and these new ones aren’t even shut. (These new sneakers aren’t as comfy as my previous ones.)

As… as + a doable examples

We use prospects or skills after as… as:

  • Are you able to get there as quickly as you possibly can?
  • Go to as many locations as doable.
  • It was a race to get right here as shortly as doable.

AS + Adverb + AS (used the identical means as adjectives)

  • I can do it in addition to you. = not worse, not higher
  • I like him as a lot as he loves me . = no more, and never much less, to the identical extent

As a lot as, as many as examples

We use as a lot as with uncountable nouns and as many as with plural nouns when evaluating portions:

  • Roger earns as a lot cash as Joey however not as a lot as Eddie.
  • They attempt to give them as a lot freedom as doable.

As a lot as and as many as seek advice from massive portions.

  • Scientists have discovered a planet that’s as much as 2,500 occasions heavier than Earth.

AS WELL AS has one other that means: IN ADDITION TO

  • He’s an excellent husband in addition to an excellent father. = He’s an excellent husband and he’s an excellent father too.

I hope your day will probably be as good as mine. Continue learning!



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