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A Artificial Lattice in a Chilly Atomic Cloud

• Physics 15, s81

Defining a fermionic lattice utilizing spin and momentum as a substitute of spatial coordinates opens the door for interacting-fermion simulations with extra complicated lattice geometries.

P. Lauria, W. T. Kuo, J. T. Barreiro/College of California, San Diego; N. R. Cooper/College of Cambridge

A technique researchers search to grasp complicated phases of matter is by simulating them utilizing lattices of ultracold fermionic atoms. Experimentalists usually create such lattices—not bodily, in actual house, however just about, in an artificial house outlined by sure properties of the atoms, reminiscent of their spin or momenta. Whereas this strategy can simulate phenomena which are unattainable to breed utilizing real-space lattices, the total potential of synthetic-space lattices is but to be achieved as a result of, thus far, they’ve been restricted to 1D or strip-like geometries. Now, utilizing a synthetic-space approach, Paul Lauria on the College of California, San Diego, and his collaborators have realized a 2D triangular lattice [1]. The outcome might finally enable the investigation of unique phenomena involving fermion-fermion interactions.

Researchers sometimes carry out simulations on fermionic artificial lattices by arranging the atoms in a 1D real-space array and creating an extra artificial dimension by exploiting the atoms’ spins. Lauria and colleagues display a twist on this strategy that was proposed theoretically a decade in the past. In actual house, their ensemble of ultracold atoms displays a deceptively random association, however they create their triangular lattice fully in an artificial house outlined by each the momenta and spin of the atoms, which they manipulate utilizing magnetic fields and lasers.

The researchers say that they will simulate a number of thousand lattice websites with their experimental setup—corresponding to the lattice sizes achieved utilizing typical real- and synthetic-space strategies. In contrast to these approaches, nevertheless, their triangular spin-momentum lattice geometry gives a solution to simulate 2D topological phases with tunable traits—reminiscent of artificial magnetic fields—permitting the investigation of, for instance, fractional quantum Corridor phases.

–Martin Rodriguez-Vega

Martin Rodriguez-Vega is an Affiliate Editor for Bodily Assessment Letters.


  1. P. Lauria et al., “Experimental realization of a fermionic spin-momentum lattice,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 245301 (2022).

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