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20 phrases for SHAPES in English – Espresso English

Vocabulary Builder Programs

Immediately we’re going to do a vocabulary with footage lesson that will help you study and pronounce names of shapes in English, each two-dimensional and three-dimensional ones.

You’ll study each the noun kind (the title of the form itself) and the adjective kind (find out how to describe one thing else with this form) – in some instances these are the identical, and in different instances they’re totally different.

Have you ever ever wished to say one thing in English, however you simply couldn’t consider the precise phrase? That’s a vocabulary downside, and it may be actually irritating! If you wish to broaden your vocabulary quick, come be a part of my Vocabulary Builder Programs.

Not solely have they got classes which are filled with helpful phrases and footage, however additionally they have quizzes and workout routines that will help you put the brand new phrases into follow immediately.

2D shapes in English

Let’s begin with our primary shapes – be sure that to pay attention and repeat after me to follow announcing them.

sq. (n. / adj.)

The phrase sq. is each a noun and an adjective. So we’d say “this can be a blue sq.” and “this can be a sq. picture.”

rectangle (n.) / rectangular (adj.)

The noun is rectangle and the adjective is rectangular. So we’d say “that is an orange rectangle” and “this can be a rectangular picture.” – the adjective, rectangular, describes one thing else (the picture)

triangle (n.) / triangular (adj.)

circle (n.) / round (adj.)

oval (n. / adj.)

The noun and adjective kind are the identical – that is an oval mirror.

semicircle (n.) / semicircular (adj.)

crescent (n.) / crescent-shaped (adj.)

diamond (n.) / diamond-shaped (adj.)

pentagon (n.) / pentagonal (adj.)

hexagon (n.) / hexagonal (adj.)

octagon (n.) / octagonal (adj.)

trapezoid (n.) / trapezoidal (adj.)

parallelogram (n.)

We don’t use this one as an adjective.

3D shapes in English

dice (n.) / cubic (adj.)

sphere (n.) / spherical (adj.)

cylinder (n.) / cylindrical (adj.)

tube (n.) / tubular (adj.)

cone (n.) / conical (adj.)

pyramid (n.)

We don’t actually use this as an adjective, however I suppose you can say pyramid-shaped

torus (n.) / donut (n.) – extra frequent

This form is technically referred to as a torus, however most individuals outdoors the fields of math and physics would simply name it a donut, or describe one thing as donut-shaped.

Now when you actually wish to go loopy and get into geometry, there are another phrases for extra uncommon shapes, however right here at Espresso English I all the time wish to train you the commonest and sensible vocabulary that we really use in each day life.

And that’s the strategy I used after I created my Vocabulary Builder Programs – out of the a whole lot of 1000’s of phrases within the English language, I chosen very helpful ones that can enable you categorical your self higher. So go take a look at the Vocabulary Builder to proceed studying.

All proper, that brings us to the tip of at the moment’s lesson. Thanks for watching and I’ll discuss to you within the subsequent one!



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